Linda Maguire

PhD candidate, Department of Communications, George Mason University
CEO and Chief Science Officer, Maguire Brain Health Sciences. LLC


Bridget Bush

Bridget Bush is an academic in every sense of the word. I excelled in my undergraduate studies, and I have remained at George Mason University, where I am now pursuing my MA in Communication, which will then be followed by the pursuance of a PhD in Communication.

My dream is to remain at this University as a Professor of Communication, as well as continuing to contribute to the amazing Communication research being performed at George Mason University.

Elina Guralnik

Elina is a recent graduate with Master's in Public Health with concentration in Epidemiology from George Mason University. Her multifaceted experiences had brought her to a deep commitment and understanding of the importance of communication in health.

Her goal is to continue raising awareness about various health issues through writing and advocacy.

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