The Society for Health Communication is a member-driven organization bringing together health communication professionals, students, and scholars from all of our diverse areas of teaching, research and practice.

By uniting our members, we’re building a unified voice to shape and advance our field. We are an international organization, based in the USA, serving members from all countries.

Our steering committee is comprised of many of today’s leading health communication practitioners, researchers, and thought leaders.

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Address: 8127 Mesa Drive, Suite B206, PMB 343
Austin, TX 78759

Society Leadership

The Society is comprised of leading health communication professionals across various industries, including academia, non-profits, government, and the private sector. Our Steering Committee is actively involved in Society infrastructure and regularly interacts with our members.

Jay Bernhardt, PhD, MPH, Professor and Interim Dean, Moody College of Communication, University of Texas at Austin
Founder and Steering Committee Chair

Executive Director
Erin Edgerton Norvell

Steering Committee Members
Timothy Edgar, Tufts University School of Medicine
Tony Foleno, The Ad Council
Deborah Glik, University of California, LA (UCLA)
Nancy Harrington, University of Kentucky
Lenora Johnson, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI)
Sandra Jones, Australian Catholic University
Sanjay Koyani, Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
Gary Kreps, George Mason University (GMU)
Katherine Lyon Daniel, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Mike Mackert, University of Texas at Austin
Claudia Parvanta, University of the Sciences
Scott Ratzan, Anheuser-Busch InBev
Stacy Robison, CommunicateHealth
Suzanne Suggs, Universitia della Svizzera Italiana

Meet Our Members

The success of our organization depends on the engagement, diversity and strength of our members. We are very pleased that the following organizations and individuals served as our initial foundation for launching the organization.

Organizational Members
Center for Health Communication, Moody College of Communication, University of Texas at Austin
College of Communications Arts and Sciences, Michigan State University
Danya International
Porter Novelli
Founding Members
Beyond our individual memberships, the Society offers Founding Memberships to those individuals who are interested in taking a more active role in determining the direction and focus of our organization. We are very appreciative to have the following Founding Members who have been early supporters of the Society:

  • Lalatendu Acharya
  • Ann Aikin
  • Gary Ashwal
  • Joshua Barbour
  • Jay Bernhardt
  • Crystal Brandow
  • JoNise Caleb
  • Elisia Cohen
  • Heather Connor
  • Alicia Eberl-Lefko
  • Tim Edgar
  • Iris Feinberg
  • Tony Foleno
  • Marnie Glaeberman
  • Deborah Glik
  • Elizabeth Glowacki
  • Lori Hall
  • Nancy Harrington
  • Brad Hesse
  • Robert Hutson
  • Lenora Johnson
  • Sandra Jones
  • Karen Komondor
  • Gary Kreps
  • Sanjay Koyani
  • Kate Ksobiech
  • Jessica Leyendecker
  • Kenneth Lo
  • Brad Love
  • Max Lum
  • Katherine Lyon Daniel
  • Mike Mackert
  • Kate Magsamen
  • Jimmie Mannine
  • Ethna Mc Ferran
  • Christopher McIntyre
  • Judy Mendel
  • Lynda Mitchell
  • Karen Murray
  • Maram Museitif
  • Anne Nicotera
  • Erin Norvell
  • Yoko Onuma-Kawamura
  • Ronne Ostby
  • Sheri Parr
  • Claudia Parvanta
  • Keryn Pasch
  • Lucy Popova
  • A Susana Ramirez
  • Sara Rattigan
  • Scott Ratzan
  • Camella Rising
  • Jill Roark
  • Stacy Robison
  • Lise  Saffran
  • Emily Savage
  • Denise Scannell
  • Renata Schiavo
  • Holli Seitz
  • Melanie Smith
  • Suzanne Suggs
  • Daniel Taber
  • Anita Vangelist
  • Melinda Villagran
  • Josh West
  • Patrick Zickler

Our Activities

We’re passionate about health communication and changing the way our field works together. We believe that bringing together health communication professionals from all levels of government, nonprofits, industry, and academia will help strengthen our field. As we grow, our activities will be focused on the following three areas:

Education and advocacy

Raising awareness and support for our field
Ensuring that health communication plays an equal role in public health policy
Strengthening the work around critical health topics and priority focus areas

Best practices and information exchange

Finding out what works when it comes to behavior change and sharing what we know
Finding peer support and networking with others in our field
Connecting early career and advanced professionals to build mentorships

Quality assurance and training

Identifying a core set of competencies for people who work in health communication
Connecting you with training and professional development opportunities with partner organizations
In today’s technology-focused culture, we know that digital media will play a large role in how the Society functions. That’s why we’re committed to using digital tools to connect our members in communication, health care, public health, and communication technologies.