This Hub will crowdsource and curate the best knowledge about health communication research, education, and practice to enable global learning, collaboration, and innovation.

To build global visibility in the Health Communication field, students will manage Hubs that have aircasts (livestreamed zoom discussions) as well as important news and information.

onHealth Hubs

This Health Communication Hub is part of the onHealth Knowledge Network, overseen by the Open Network Alliance.  Gary Kreps, is Chair of the Advisory Board for the onHealth  and is the Lead Curator for the Health Comm Hub.  Meredith Cary is the lead administrator for our Health Hubs and Manager for this Hub.

All onHealth Hubs will be crowdsourced and curated by health professionals and students and open to the public. The goal for each Hub is to become the most comprehensive and trusted source of knowledge on health-related topics. Content published within the Knowledge Network of Health Hubs can be easily shared and automatically updated. In addition to member profiles. Hubs will include profiles of organizations, diverse educational and media resources, digests of the latest news and events, and live streamed, interactive videos with up to 30 different locations.

The Insomnia Hub was the first specific health conditions Hub to be started. Other health related Hubs under development can be found by selecting the “on” logo at the upper left of each page.

Hub members can request to curate Health Communication Sub-Hubs.  These Hubs focus on Healthcare Delivery, Healthcare Systems, Health, Health Risk Communication, Health Promotion, as well as, Organizational Communication, Family Communication, Patient Communication, Health Policy, and Health Literacy.

Hub Membership

Membership in this Hub is, at this time, by invitation only. Please contact Meredith Cary at to become a member. All that is required is your First and Last Name and your email address.  Once accepted, you will receive your user name and temporary password as well as a starter profile that you will be able to edit. If you already have a profile on this Hub, contact Dr. Cary to receive your temporary password.

Your membership will enable you to:

  1.  Have your profile appear in the Site’s Directory
  2.  Comment on any post
  3.  Author new posts for this site and/or share your posts from another onAir Hub or member site (such as DCHC 2017, Medical Tourism, and others)
  4.  Subscribe to site email newsletters
  5.  Participate in Aircasts
  6. Become a Site Curator if approved by the Hub Manager

You  login to this Hub by selecting the silhouette icon at the upper right of your screen. Enter your user name and password. When you select”Edit Account”, you will be able to see your account information and change your password.

Hub Content

One of this Hub’s goals is to empower researchers, particularly non-tenured track researchers, with an opportunity to archive and evolve their preprints and to promote them by sharing on our onAir sites and Hubs and associated YouTube Channels, Twitter accounts, and other social media.

All Hub content is covered by a Creative Commons license that limits use to “non-commercial sites”. Click on the “CC-BY-NC” icon at the footer of each page to learn more about this license.

Some of the main benefits for posting on an onAir Hub (or site) are:

  • To give researchers more control over their content and make it available to other researchers and the general public;
  • Have a place where they can continue to evolve their research… adding new data and conclusions;
  • Have a place where their research can be discovered in the context of their field (e.g., Health Communication) and specific health topics (e.g., Medical Tourism); and
  • Be able to promote their work using social media prior to a for profit publisher accepting their work for publication.

DCHC 2017/Health Communication Hub Brochure

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Hub Organization

This Hub is initially organized around five main categories: Health Care, Health Risk Communications, eHealth, Health Promotion and Conditions. These top level categories and their sub-categories are our preliminary effort to develop a classification system for Health Communication. We encourage health communication professionals to give us their input and are looking forward to incorporating the Society for Health Communication’s work in defining the field.

Hub Curators

Member posts are curated by a team of experts and students. Curators put posts in one or more category in the Hub as well as order them with the most relevant and thorough posts displayed towards the top of the category. Curators also can remove members for violating the onAir policies for commenting on posts.

Become a Curator 

If you would like to be a curator or manager of any of the Hubs shown in the graphic above or any other Health topic, please contact Meredith Cary at

Preference will be given to curators who  are members of communication-related associations, university departments, governmental agencies, and other non-profit organizations.

Hub Sponsors

Open Network Alliance (ONA)  is a non-profit social enterprise supporting open access, science and health related public Hubs that facilitate learning, collaboration, and innovation. ONA oversees the content on all public “ON” Hubs.

onAir Networks is a for profit company providing the software and hosting for the onAir Knowledge Network of public Hubs and member sites.

To become a sponsor of this or other Hubs, contact Meredith Cary at