Trent Kling

Associate Professor, Department of Communication, Pittsburg State University
Member, Kling Family Orchards

My interests currently lie in business media and analysis (specifically the retail, consumer goods, and food/beverage industries), framed through experience in higher education, sports media, retail, and journalism.

In addition to teaching at Pittsburg State, Trent is the co-host and producer of the Retail Focus Podcast series, which cultivates weekly national business news podcasts in the retail, food, and beverage industries. Both the Retail Focus Podcast and Food Focus Podcast are globally distributed via a number of channels, including iTunes. His work with Retail Focus earned him the College of Arts and Sciences Excellence in Creative Activity Award in 2016-17.

Jacob Anselmi

Director of Creative Media & Videographer, University Marketing & Communication, Pittsburg State University

Human being making videos for other human beings. Humor is essential.

Lynzee Flores

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Pittsburg State University

Hub Tags: Health Communication Hub | Health Care Delivery | Health Systems | eHealth | Health Risk Communication | Health Promotion | Organizational Communication | Family Communication | Patient Communication |Health Policy | Health Literacy

Interests:  Political Communication     International Communication

MacKenzi Tims

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of Communication, Pittsburg State University

Hub Tags: Emotion Labor - Patient Centered Care

Interests: Specific research interests include political communication and the role of nontraditional media channels in the dissemination of news information to the millennial generation.

Hannah Ishmael

Graduate Student, Pittsburg State University

Hub Tags: Health Communication Hub |  Health Risk Communication | Health Promotion


Karly Kownslar

Master's student, Dept. of Communication, Pittsburg State University

Hub Tags: Health Communication Hub

Interests:  Health & science communication especially as it pertains to risk and crisis, and representation of disease in the media.

Zika 2016: A 3-phase longitudinal study

Media exposure on public attitudes and behavioral intentions toward Zika virus prevention

Presenter: Karly Kownslar, Pittsburg State University

Alicia Mason,
Pittsburg State University

Using the Extended Parallel Processing Model (EPPM) as a theoretical framework, the present 3- phase longitudinal study examines the impact of media exposure to Zika information on public perception of the threat severity, personal susceptibility, and behavioral intentions toward the threat of Zika virus between May and November of 2016.

Messages for promoting Zika-related preventative health behaviors

A comparison of narrative and non-narrative messages for  in at-risk male populations

Presenter: Hannah Ishmael, Pittsburg State University

Chelsea Foster, Pittsburg State University
Alicia Mason, Pittsburg State University

More than 200 participants were randomized into an online study hosted through the PSU Communication Research Lab using Qualtrics software for data collection. Amazon’s M(Turk) and TurkPrime were utilized for participant recruitment in November 2016. This presentation will report the findings of this study and discuss the implications for dissemination and implementation efforts relevant to future persuasive risk communication appeals and health communication campaign design.

Sustainability approach to patient centered health care delivery

Presenter: Alicia Mason, Pittsburg State University

Catherine Hooey
, Pittsburg State University
James Triplett, Pittsburg State University

The goals of this paper are (1) to provide an overview of sustainability-enhanced approaches to patient-centered health care (2) to examine health communication in the sustainability context through multiple forms, channels and messages, and (3) to provide professional resources for increasing  capacity building between patients, health care providers and the communities they serve.  and promotion of health services, (c) engagement and community outreach, and (d) health care policies that contribute to the long term co-benefits of sustainable health care systems.

Alicia Mason

Associate Professor, Pittsburg State University

Hub Tags: Health Communication Hub | Medical Tourism Hub

Interests: risk/crisis communication spans organizational/business, public health, and environmental contexts

Dr. Mason is a former broadcaster, who worked with local media outlets KOAM and KKOW in SE Kansas, prior to receiving a Ph.D. from the University of Oklahoma.

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