2017 ICCH/HARC Conference

Join the American Academy on Communication in Healthcare in Baltimore, October 8-11, 2017, at the Baltimore Waterfront Marriott for a joint meeting of ICCH and HARC!

We are proud to host the combined meeting of the International Conference on Communication in Healthcare – ICCH and the Health Literacy Annual Research Conference -- HARC. We have assembled an outstanding line-up of keynote speakers for our conference, bringing unique perspectives on our common commitment to quality communication and health equity in the delivery of effective and responsive care.

We have also planned a fantastic schedule of oral and poster presentations, workshops and symposia, as well as “Meet the Professor/Leader,” “Pairing with Colleagues,” and Special Interest Group sessions.

KCHC 2018 – April 12-14, 2018

The 15th biennial Kentucky Conference on Health Communication will consist of 2 1/2 days of competitive paper and panel presentations, a competitive poster session, and invited speaker presentations.

Website:  comm.uky.edu/kchc

Thursday, April 12, will be devoted to a preconference on Interventions to Improve Patient Involvement across the Cancer Control Continuum.

Friday, April 13, will feature competitive paper, poster, and panel sessions covering not only issues related to the conference theme but also issues pertinent to health communication research and practice broadly defined. The conference reception Friday evening offers participants an opportunity to relax after a full day of sessions.

Saturday, April 14 will feature additional competitive paper, poster, and panel sessions and a luncheon presentation by the winner of the Lewis Donohew Outstanding Scholar in Health Communication Award.

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