Share CBT-I

"A 'digital bridge' for clinicians and health consumers"

A team of GMU faculty and students, with Open Networks (ON), aims to improve interprofessional communication in primary care for chronic insomnia, via an ongoing course-based health communication campaign, 'Share CBT-I'.

Our team will adhere to the American College of Physicians 2016 Clinical Guideline for adult chronic insomnia assisting clinicians to strive for a 100% referral rate to CBT-I (the best non-drug treatment), via a shared digital bridge, the Insomnia Hub. As well, we aim to improve dissemination of CBT-I research (and where to find services) to health consumers.

2016 Results of ‘Share CBT-I’

It's been a successful year, by any measure, thanks to our Health Communication Campaign - 'Share CBT-I' - partnerships with George Mason faculty and students!

Here, we summarize the results ... and outline our future goals for 2017!

Join us!!

Were you taught to share?

Imagine having ONE Social Practicum (Open Networked Education) to train healthcare learners how to share online what works and where to find it - interprofessionally - to improve healthcare training, practice, and public health.

Join us in developing the ONE Social Practicum and help answer empirical questions.
Can the ONE Practicum bring together learners among all healthcare fields to:

  • Improve interprofessional mass health communication competencies?
  • Create & curate one common bridge between clinical practice and community resources?
  • Increase awareness of, access to, and consumer demand for evidence-based practices?
  • Lead intercollegiate competitions to improve population health on campuses?
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