Share CBT-I

"A 'digital bridge' for clinicians and health consumers"

A team of GMU faculty and students, with Open Networks (ON), aims to improve interprofessional communication in primary care for chronic insomnia, via an ongoing course-based health communication campaign, 'Share CBT-I'.

Our team will adhere to the American College of Physicians 2016 Clinical Guideline for adult chronic insomnia assisting clinicians to strive for a 100% referral rate to CBT-I (the best non-drug treatment), via a shared digital bridge, the Insomnia Hub. As well, we aim to improve dissemination of CBT-I research (and where to find services) to health consumers.

2016 Results of ‘Share CBT-I’

It's been a successful year, by any measure, thanks to our Health Communication Campaign - 'Share CBT-I' - partnerships with George Mason faculty and students!

Here, we summarize the results ... and outline our future goals for 2017!

Join us!!

Were you taught to share?

Imagine a ONE Social (Open Networked Education) hands-on interprofessional training in - how to share what works and where to find it - which creates an academically-curated Open Network of Health Hubs for the public.

Join us to develop ONE Social and help answer empirical questions, such as ... Can learners among all healthcare fields:

  • Improve interprofessional mass health communication competencies?
  • Create one common bridge between clinical practice and vetted resources?
  • Increase awareness of, access to, and consumer demand for evidence-based practices?
  • Lead intercollegiate fitness challenges to improve community health?
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