Pilot: Share CBT-I

Share CBT-I and other GMU pilots


Here, we spotlight 4 pilots and some of their products … Share CBT-I, March Madness for Total Health, and an mHealth



‘Share CBT-I’ was a pilot course-based project in the fall semester, 2016. We hope it is the start of increasing awareness of CBT-I among 3 audiences:  Primary Care, healthcare consumers, and health professions students.  What we achieved:

  1. Three GMU faculty members (Gary Kreps, Serge Samoilenko, and Jeffrey Herrick) included service-learning projects into 2 existing Communication courses that normally let students select a hands-on project to apply what they learn in the course.  They wish to engage students in their future courses to build on current work.
  2. Two grant proposals were submitted on behalf of ‘Share CBT-I’ by Gary Kreps, Jeff Herrick, and Eric Olson.
  3. Faculty members began pilots of a live-streamed show, CBT-I Live


CBT-I Live: A beginning

These slides explain our mission and how you can help build on the progress made so far. We plan to insert clips from this video during the first CBT-I Live show.


COMM 331:  Advanced Principles of PR

Project objectives final PR course preso accomplished:

  1. Launched accounts on three new social platforms (Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn) and updated the existing Twitter account for the Insomnia Hub to help determine which ones will be more effective in attracting health professionals to be guests on CBT-I Live and blog on the Insomnia Hub.
  2. Develop a strategic plan to promote CBT-I Live shows to CBT-I Providers to elicit their interest in appearing on future shows.


COMM 620:  Health Communication

For her class project (and in part for her Master of Health Communication), Bridget Bush planned a formative research project which she completed in spring, 2017. Bridget coded interviews with Primary Care Providers to determine what their obstacles are to referring to CBT-I and what the facilitators would be to their referring their patients to the Insomnia Hub’s show – CBT-I Live.

As well, Elina Guralnik, a graduate student in Mason’s School of Public Health, posted about a success story of a patient using CBT-I (“All you need is sleep”) … after having been prescribed sleep medications for 15 years.

Next steps …

Contact us if you would like your course to be involved in ‘Share CBT-I’ … at DrCary@mac.com.

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