Anne M. Nicotera



Chair and Professor, Department of Communications, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, George Mason University

Dr. Nicotera focuses on health communication, nursing communication, communicative/interactive constitution of organization, race and gender, diversity, and culture and organizations.




Phone: 703.993.8296
Address: Robinson Hall A 307B
Fairfax, Va. 22030



Anne Maydan Nicotera (PhD, Ohio University) is a Professor and Chair in the Department of Communication at George Mason University, where she teaches courses in organizational and interpersonal communication. Her research is grounded in a constitutive perspective and focuses on culture and conflict, diversity, race and gender, and aggressive communication, with a particular interest in healthcare organizations. She has published her research in numerous national journals. She has also published five books and several chapters.  She has developed a theory and associated measurement tool for a construct called structurational divergence, which describes the intractable organizational conflicts that can result from the simultaneous application of multiple meanings in intra- and inter-professional interactions. She is also interested in the application of structurational divergence models to cultural competence training for healthcare practitioners who serve traditionally marginalized populations.


Current Research

The examination of communication among nurses and other healthcare professionals, especially in hospital settings, and the unique organizational design and form of hospitals.


Selected Publications

Nicotera, A.M., Mahon, M.M., & Wright, K.B. (in press). Communication that builds teams: Assessing a nursing conflict intervention. Nursing Administration Quarterly.

Nicotera, A.M., Zhao, X., Mahon, M.M., Peterson, E., Kim, W., & Conway-Morana, P. (in press). Structurational divergence theory as explanation for troublesome outcomes in nursing communication. Health Communication.

Nicotera, A.M., & Mahon, M.M. (2013). Exploring the impact of structurational divergence in nursing. Management Communication Quarterly, 27, 90-120.

Nicotera, A.M. (2013). Organizations as entitative beings: Some ontological implications of communicative constitution. In F. Cooren & D. Robichaud.What is an organization? Materiality, Agency, and Discourse. New York, NY: Erlbaum

Nicotera, A.M., Steele, J., Catalani, A., & Simpson, N. (2012). Conceptualization and test of an aggression competence model. Communication Research Reports, 29, 12-25.

Nicotera, A.M., Mahon, M.M., & Zhao, X. (2010). Conceptualization and measurement of structurational divergence in the healthcare setting. Journal of Applied Communication Research, 38, 362-385.

Nicotera, A.M., & Clinkscales, M.C.  (2010). Nurses at the nexus: A case study in structurational divergence. Health Communication25, 32-49.

Putnam, L.L., & Nicotera, A. M. (Eds.). (2009). Building theories of organization: The constitutive role of communication. New York: Routledge.



Fall 2016

WMST 300-006:
Topics in Commumincation and Gender
04:30 PM to 07:10 PM R

COMM 465-001:
Topics in Comm and Gender
04:30 PM to 07:10 PM R

Previous courses

COMM 200 Introduction to Communication
COMM 301 Foundations of Interpersonal Communication
COMM 401 Interpersonal Communication in the Workplace
COMM 335 Organizational Communication
COMM 530 Theories of Small Group Communication
COMM 600 Introduction to Graduate Studies
COMM 634 Theories of Interpersonal Communication
COMM 635 Foundations of Organizational Communication

Dissertations Supervised

Kristen L. Willett, A Wife or a Patient: Fibromyalgia Patients’ Communication Behaviors Regarding Social Support and Coping (2015)

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