Elizabeth Glowacki


PhD student, Moody College of Communication, University of Texas at Austin

Hub Tags: Health Communication Hub | Health Care Deliver  | eHealth |  Health Promotion

Interests:  Provider-patient communication, the use of personal and electronic medical health records, messages about weight management and problematic substance use in romantic couples and families, the relationship between physical activity and cognitive performance, and health promotion efforts within schools.


Web: UT page  Google Scholar  Research Gate

Email: glowacki@utexas.edu
Address: Austin, TX



BA Degree: English and Communication, Boston College
MA Degree: University of Texas at Austin, Interpersonal Communication

Panel Presentation and Discussion

An evaluation of linguistic agency assignment in text messages about health

Satuday April 29, 2017
DCHC 2017 “Patient-Centered Health Communication” Conference

Conclusions: Participants who received text messages in which health behavior agency was assigned to non-humans (i.e., STIs, fruits/vegetables) were more likely to report complying with the recommended health behaviors.


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