Health Comm Live #1


Show Theme: Introduction and History of Health Communication

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Host:  Alicia Mason 
Guests: Gary Kreps et al

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History of Health Communications

The Study of Health Communication

                Health communication has developed over the last twenty-five years as a vibrant and important field of study concerned with the powerful roles performed by human and mediated communication in health care delivery and health promotion.  Health communication inquiry has emerged as an exciting applied behavioral science research area.  It is an applied area of research not only because it examines the pragmatic influences of human communication on the provision of health care and the promotion of public health, but also because the work in this area is often used to enhance the quality of health care delivery and health promotion.  To this end, health communication inquiry is usually problem-based, focusing on identifying, examining, and solving health care and health promotion problems.

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About Gary Kreps

University Distinguished Professor, Department of Communication, George Mason University
Director, Center for Health and Risk Communication

Gary L. Kreps is a University Distinguished Professor of the Department of Communication at George Mason University. He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in Communication Research, Health Communication, Organizational Communication, Consumer-Provider Health Communication, Health Communication Campaigns, and E-Health Communication.

To learn more about Gary Kreps, go here.

About Alicia Mason

Associate Professor, Pittsburg State University

Interests: risk/crisis communication spans organizational/business, public health, and environmental contexts, medical tourism

Dr. Mason is a former broadcaster, who worked with local media outlets KOAM and KKOW in SE Kansas, prior to receiving a Ph.D. from the University of Oklahoma.

To learn more about Alicia Mason, go here.


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