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Alicia Mason

Associate Professor, Pittsburg State University

Dr. Mason is a former broadcaster, who worked with local media outlets KOAM and KKOW in SE Kansas, prior to receiving a Ph.D. from the University of Oklahoma.

Trent Kling

We will be working together on strategy, development, promotion, marketing; we will also be working on involving our undergraduate and graduate students in this initiative following the launch (**This will be key to expanding beyond just a weekly series, and support additional content development).

Jacob Anselmi

Jacob will be assisting us with the equipment, tech set-up, and serve as a consultant (e.g., *critic* -haha). He’ll also provide on-going creative support as a representative of PSU University Marketing.

Jim McLean

Technical support Jim’s latest suggestions

Meredith Cary 

 onHealth support

Scott Joy

Software and hub management support

For Aircasters

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Gary Kreps

University Distinguished Professor, Department of Communication, George Mason University
Director, Center for Health and Risk Communication

Gary Kreps’ areas of expertise include health communication and promotion, information dissemination, organizational communication, information technology, multicultural relations, risk/crisis management, health informatics, and applied research methods.

Dr. Kreps is an advisor to numerous health communications-related organizations including onHealth.

PSU students

See PSU slide show


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  1. Scott Joy says:

    From Meredith to Alicia June 15, 2017

    Hi Alicia,

    We enjoyed meeting your team … we’re really excited about their support of you and the prospects of your Health Comm Live!

    Scott and I were wondering about the possibility of your asking Gary to join us at next Wednesday’s hangout. It would be great if you could update him about your plans to use the University’s studio to produce a high quality show. And, send him your proposed schedule of topics as well.

    You might want to suggest to him your thinking about which shows you’d like him to be the featured guest for (like history, global health) in addition to other shows on which he could be a panelist. We’d appreciate being cc’d on this.

    How does this sound?

    From Alicia to Meredith 6/17

    Wanted you to know that I received your email all sounds great I will follow up with Gary and provide an invitation for next week’s Hangout. Trent had to take off for another appointment but mentioned he would have a student start getting together some templates for the tricaster so hopefully we’ll have something to look at next week I might take you guys on a virtual walking tour of our studios!

    Meredith to Alicia 6/17
    Anyway… I think all went well today too, and Trent and Jacob really enjoyed meeting you, Scott and Jim and getting a feel for what this effort is all about. Trent mentioned, as he was running out the door, that he actually has a student producer in mind. He was hoping to have some materials to view next week, and if our schedules fit between now and then I’m going to go down and start working on some wiring and testing with him in the Broadcast studio. Jacob said he could help produce an opener, and closer and music beds for both. So worst case scenario if a trained-student wasn’t available I could push 3 buttons on the Tri-caster and still produce the spot. Trent is a perfectionist, and I admire that quality. I also understand and share Jim’s concern over the consistency and appearance of the videos and emphasized that we will keep it as close to the others as possible.

    It’s important to get off on the right foot, so if I can initially focus on content, not tech that would be ideal. In the meantime, I’m going to go ahead and convert part of the Research Lab into a studio this summer in preparation for the medical tourism hub launch. I’m very interested in the marketing possibilities and commercial advertising aspects of the “Expo” portion of the Hub given the vast amount of tech contractors, medical facilities, and physician specialists within that niche area. I explained to Jacob and Trent if my goal in the long run was to train and help others in the future then I need to know the tech they will be using. So when I speak with Kevin in a few weeks I anticipate that we will be using the guides Jim created, which are amazingly helpful! I’d like to expand the opportunities to strategic comm students with interests in digital media.

    Until then, to get the ball rolling on the HCLive Hub I’m pretty much relying on Trent, Jacob and broadcasting student support.

    The date and time Gary will be available through out the Fall is perfect, it fits my schedule, and that’s exactly what I needed know to begin bookings/schedules. From what I understand that time slot will not interfere with any other live student productions in the studio.

    After our Hangout, Jacob and I spoke a while, and he shared concerns about time resources and content, as he his already overbooked and knows I am during the semesters as well. I assured him that he was there for advisement and consultation, not weekly production- so that put him at ease. Then he proceeded to give me a plethora of great advice as far as talent style for this show, which I appreciated. At some point I’ll transcribe my notes and send them out as they may be helpful to others in the future too.

    The Hangout really went amazingly well- lots of progress! To have our university marketing support along with our broadcasting faculty and students on board is comforting. From what I understand PSU Marketing will feature this is the Fall publication which reaches about 65,000 people. Do you mind if I share your contact information?

    Thanks again to you, Scott and Jim for taking the time to speak with us, the hard work you have put in to creating the Google document, and proving the pathway and structure for this to happen.
    I will get a message out to Gary shortly.

    See you next week!

    Meredith to Alicia 6/17
    Alicia … can’t wait to watch your Hub projects grow and to learn from you all … I would’ve never thought to leverage University Marketing (feel free to give my contact info) … I am going to try to interest students in the PRSSA chapter to promote CBT-I Live tho … we’ll see how that goes.

    Good to hear our schedules mesh well … Scott and I love working with you .. for all your positive energy and willingness to try new stuff! That said, please pace yourselves … so you don’t burn out trying to do too much too fast … we want this to be rewarding and fun most of the time …

    I’ve always liked the idea of Hub being like a new kind of professional virtual conference and the Expo being a 24/7 Exhibit Hall – hopefully with that revenue sustaining the Hub network of curators. I’m looking forward to helping in any way I can to make this a viable social enterprise. Right now, it’s hard to figure what kind of a neutral ‘sponsor’ could work for the CBT-I Live … but, I imagine it should be possible. I’ve been watching a psychologist on Youtube (Dr. Sleep) who actually does tout some types of beds … it really cheapens his brand, I think, even though he has impeccable credentials. So, more to think about …

    My hunch is Gary’s going to be blown away by your schedule of topics … I know I was … looking forward to next week!


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