Sharing at a conference … and beyond


DCHC 2017, a case study:  How to optimize conference experiences to extend the reach and impact of research findings using an Open Network of Health Hubs.

At the end of a conference, we all pack up and go home, right?  Everything comes to a halt and so much of the learning melts into a dull memory. However, imagine if our scientific meetings were like a launch pad for researchers not only to spread their knowledge, but a way to learn, collaborate, and innovate more – among conference attendees and many more audiences.

OnAir Post: Sharing at a conference … and beyond

Recently, I wanted to attend a local conference on Health Communication but was only able to go the first day of three. Normally that would mean I’d just have to miss the rest. But, at this DCHC 2017 conference, I not only could see exactly what I missed, I could also converse with presenters to network as well.


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